Balcony railings - Flat 4 - further update

Posted on 12 October 2012

The balustrade has been reinstalled , modified as intimated , and we look forward to using the space again. As I suspected there has been a report to the Health and Safety Executive ., the source being anonymous , as usual , and our contractor is producing a report for them. I am 100% confident that this complaint , like the many others made in the past by one individual will result in cost but no action. As I say I look forward to using the area in the very near future.

As I predicted the complaint has been closed by the HSE and they have confirmed that no action will be taken.

The more serious message is that , should this pointless activity from one tenant continue I will be forced to review the cost of managing the property and it is likely that insurance costs will increase.

All the material for the new baulstrade has been manufactured , paid for by Celia and Haward and should be installed in the next few days

The minor delay to the work to our roof area caused by the theft of five stainless steel support poles  from the meter cupboard under the stairs will be overcome. We have had a quote for five new poles and we have accepted that so the balustrade should be reinstated in the near future.

We will  build in some bracing from the building to the balustrade and we will replace one glass panel with a more open panel which would allow egress for wind in very bad wind conditions and reduce stress on the structure.

Celia and Haward have agreed to carry all costs involved in reinstating the railings.

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