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Hallo All

I am just writing to you all to confirm that we are making progress towards the creation of a new one bedroom flat at the east end of the block , above flat 20.

In order to preserve the fire escape exit for flats 21 and 22 it seems likely that we will have to build a two storey extension. At present we are in the design phase and our architects Kent Porter Warren expect to have a design in four weeks and after that we will apply for planning permission. That will take a further eight weeks or so and after that we will commence build.

When we build we will try to carry out as much maintenance work in the area as possible. There is some pointing and painting work required and we can keep the cost to tenants to a minimum because we will be paying for the basic scaffolding ; and that is always a high proportion of the cost of the work.

I have also asked our builder to consider the intercom issue. I am obtaining quotes for an intercom at this end of the block , paid for by tenants directly , not from service charge. It may be that if we instal intercoms while building Flat 20A there may be a unit cost advantage

We will be installing gas for the flat and we will try to sort out the mess created by a former tenant to gas supplies at this end of the block

I fully expect to have one new flat in the block later this year. The flat would be owned by Caledonian , and rented out , and would , I suggest , pay service charge on the same basis as the rest of you. That would mean that it would pay one 26th of the annual service charge bill. That would mean that we could cut the bill for all of us or that we could keep the bills the same and do more maintenance (my preference) or we could consider a mixture.

I would welcome comment on this.

I will keep you updated



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July 03, 2013 at 18:58:23
What was the issue the application? What is the planning ref for the application?


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