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Flat 20A

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Hallo All

I am just writing to you all to confirm that we are making progress towards the creation of a new one bedroom flat at the east end of the block , above flat 20.


Bad news ; I’m afraid. We’ve been refused planning permission for flat 20A and although we are considering an appeal I am not optimistic.

I say it’s bad news because Flat 20A would have generated a much need extra service charge and might well have meant no increase in service charge next year. I think it likely that we’ll have to increase service charge by around 5-10% next year , 4% of which would have been taken up by a 20A service charge.

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2013 maintenance and comment

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We have tried to catch up with all the small jobs around De Montfort Court at the beginning of the year

  • doors to no 2 and no 8 have been repaired
  • the smoke alarm at flat 17 has been fixed
  • the light bulb at flat 15 has been replaced
  • we have organised moss clearing at the rear

Keep telling me or Karen what jobs need to be done and we'll get them done! Use this site or use email or phone us


Vox Habitator

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Over to you. This area can be used as you wish. It is a general area for tenants to communicate amongst yourselves. If you are moving out and want to sell stuff or if you want to know if someone wants stuff you are going to chuck out ; use this space. If someone is parking in your space you could try this space.

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