Service Charge

To pay service charges by standing order you need the following information. You must allocate a note by which we can recognise the payment. We suggest you use your Flat number or name.

A/C De Montfort Court Management (Leicester) Ltd
Bank – Yorkshire Bank 29 Horsefair Street Leicester
A/C no 29658886
Sort code 05-05-60


Note that although Jeremy Green is the managing agent the service charges are collected by the Management Company directly. Money is transferred as necessary to Jeremy Green.


SERVICE CHARGES 20xx-20xx (correct at July 2011)

Interim Charge £834
Due and Payable £417.00 21 days after 24th June 2004xx
£417.00 days after 25th December 2004xx


£73.50 on 24th June 20xx
£73.50 on 24th July 20xx
£73.50 on 24th August 20xx
£73.50 on 24th September 20xx
£73.50 on 24th October 20xx
£73.50 on 24th November 20xx
£73.50 on 24th December 20xx
£73.50 on 24th January 20xx
£73.50 on 24th February 20xx
£73.50 on 24th March 20xx
£73.50 on 24th April 20xx
£73.50 on 24th May 20xx


To: Flat No


Please make payments for Service Charge for 20xx-20xx as set out above; delivering payment to c/o Peter Wilson CA at Flat 21, De Montfort Court or paying by standing order in which case details are available above Cheques should be made out to De Montfort Court Management (Leicester) Limited. Prompt payment reduces bank charges and allows us to go ahead with the work set out in the draft budget xxxxxx. There has been significant consultation as to the level of this charge. If you are unable to meet the payment schedule please let us know. This reduces administration. If you miss due dates by more than 14 days you will be sent reminders at 10 day intervals. Each reminder will carry a £10.00 fee.


My records show that at 24th May 20xx your payments situation is that you owe us £


C Haward Soper
for and on behalf of De Montfort Court Management (Leicester) Limited
Landlord and Tenant Act 1985: Section 21B (inserted by section 153 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002)


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