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As notified in earlier emails Caledonian Roofdwellers Ltd will assume the responsibility of managing De Montfort Court from the beginning of December 2012. The cost of management will not change but the way it is organized will change. Broadly speaking Haward Soper ( will carry out the work of collecting service charge , company secretarial work and organizing major works. Peter Wilson will continue to compile accounts and the expenditure statement (and sign it). We will also have a local contact point , Karen Hill , ( , mobile number 07827407168 who will

· Walk around each staircase in the block and the perimeter once every two weeks or so , at least eighteen times per annum , checking that

  • There is no obstacle placed on fire routes ; if there is report it to me asap. If the tenant is in ask them to clear it. If it is light move it
  • Drains are clear
  • Old mail is not piling up ; if it is then I think it should be cleared
  • there is no external dumping or illicit storage going on ; if there is let me know
  • Lights are working (replace bulbs in batches)
  • Smoke detectors are working (replace batteries when they die)

· Organise minor and urgent repairs

If repairs or maintenance are minor , less than £150 , have them carried out by approved tradesmen

If the matter is an emergency have the work done ; informing me as soon as possible

Arrange for original bills to go to Peter Wilson at Flat 21 with electronic copies to me

· Create a new fire assessment survey as a word document , copying the old one so that we update it regularly and annotate it and place it on the website

· Read the electrical meters once per quarter

· Try to keep electrical tariffs to the lowest level practical

Gardening and cleaning work will continue as now.

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