Admin Charges

The Company makes administration charges as follows:
Late Payment Fees £10.00 (now being enforced)
Lease Assignment Fees£10.00
Mortgage Notice Fees £10.00
Subletting Notice Fees £10.00
Reminder in respect of any of these £10.00

And we may make ad hoc charges in connection with a breach of any covenant or condition in the lease.

For assistance with a sale , in respect of which we will correspond with solicitors answering all the usual questions and providing all necessary documents , we charge £50

By Schedule 11 of the Common hold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 you can challenge by applying to Leasehold Valuation Tribunal the reasonableness of these fees. In respect of any demand for such fees we are required to provide you with a summary of your rights and obligations regarding such fees. They are payable only insofar as the amount of the charge is reasonable.


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