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Caledonian Roofdwellers Limited owns De Montfort Court. The Shareholders (owners) and Directors are Celia Murray & C Haward Soper who can be contacted for information about De Montfort Court or to answer other queries by email through this site. You can also contact us by mail to Flat 4 De Montfort Court. Most formal correspondence is now managed electronically including delivery of service charge and ground rent invoices , service of annual certificates and provision of insurance information.


Haward is a commercial and contracts specialist with long experience in manufacturing , oil and gas and nuclear industries. Celia is a teacher and a specialist in evolutionary biology


They have both worked in the UK , Germany , The Netherlands and Malaysia. Haward misses British beer , German Alt and Kolsch bier and cricket. Celia misses her friends and family and cricket.

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14 April 2014
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11 November 2012
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12 October 2012

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